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Shrinkage Analysis of Water Pump Precision Castings
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Under normal circumstances, when the carbon content is the same, the increase of silicon to carbon ratio helps to improve the ferrite formation tendency, but for some thin-walled small water pump precision castings, the silicon-to-carbon ratio is improved, and iron is formed in the structure. The tendency of the body is not large, so it does not affect its strength.


When considering the problem of shrinkage analysis of casting precision castings, it is usually the same as the temperature of solid solution formation of molten metal, which will cause the start of line shrinkage to be earlier. The longer the shrinkage time, the larger the line shrinkage value. At the same carbon equivalent, an increase in the silicon to carbon ratio increases the amount of primary austenite, which leads to the formation of a solid skeleton earlier, thereby increasing the line shrinkage. However, in actual production, the carbon equivalent of high silicon carbon compared with cast iron is not much different from the previous process, and the effect of line shrinkage is also small.


Another consideration is the sensitivity of the section. In general, the sensitivity of high-silicon carbon is lower than that of cast iron sections, a property that is important for water pump precision castings that are often subjected to impact forces.