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Selection of Pump Copper Pipe Casting and Comparison with Copper Pipe Fittings
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Water pump copper pipe castings, that is, the copper pipes on the water pump are obtained through casting. Therefore, it is a kind of casting, and it is a common and commonly used casting on the water pump. Well, since the pump copper pipe castings have many applications, the following may wish to further study and understanding, so that we can know how to correctly and rationally use this type of casting, and at the same time, it can also play a role and function of the casting.


1. Correct selection of water pump brass castings

If you want to purchase the copper pipe castings of your pump and choose the right one at the same time, then you must fully consider its relevant factors and aspects, and consider it comprehensively so that you can achieve your goals. The factors and aspects that should be taken into consideration when purchasing this kind of casting are the origin, detailed parameters, price quotation, and wholesale price, as well as product quality and after-sales service. In addition, consider this one of the manufacturers.


2. In addition to copper pipe castings, are there any other castings in the pump?

In the water pump, besides the copper pipe casting, there are pump bodies, pump covers, and other castings. Among them, the pump body casting is a very common one, mainly used to connect with the bearing bracket, thus, play a role in supporting the fixation. Therefore, in the pump pump, some castings will be used because of their advantages.


3. Is the brass fitting in the pump a copper casting?

The copper fitting in the pump, which is used to connect the copper tube, is a joint. Copper pipe castings, which are castings, are used as copper pipes. Therefore, the water pipe copper pipe fitting is a joint, and the water pump copper pipe casting is a kind of copper pipe, which is different in nature and concept, and the equal sign cannot be put between them.


4. Is there a uniform regulation and standard for elemental composition and content of copper pipes for water pumps?

Water pump copper pipe castings are one of the castings. However, from the current point of view, there are no uniform regulations and standards for the composition and content of elements. Therefore, in the composition of products, each manufacturing manufacturer is not completely unified. It can only be said that there is not much difference in the unified elemental composition and it is within a certain range. Therefore, the copper pipe castings are based on some basic elements and are the same for all manufacturers.