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Product application of stainless steel precision casting and its investment casting process
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Stainless steel precision casting, which can also be called investment casting, is a casting process with less cutting or no cutting, and it is widely used. The stainless steel casting obtained by this casting method has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality compared with other castings. In addition, this casting method can also be used for some castings that are more complicated or unsuitable for processing.


Stainless steel precision casting, which is precision casting of stainless steel, has obtained many stainless steel castings. From the current point of view, there are many applications. The industries and fields that can be applied are for aviation, automobiles, machine tools, ships, internal combustion engines. , in the industries of steam turbines, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment and cutting tools, as well as in the manufacturing industry and in the manufacture of arts and crafts.


The investment casting process, which is simply a soluble model made of a fusible material such as wax or plastic, is called a investment mold or a model, and then coated with several layers of special features. The refractory coating is then dried and hardened to form a unitary shell. After the shell is obtained, the model in the shell is melted with steam or hot water, and the shell is placed in a sand box for dry sand molding to obtain a mold. The mold is fired in a baking furnace, and molten metal is poured therein to obtain a stainless steel casting. Therefore, it can be seen that the investment casting process is an important part in stainless steel precision casting, and if not, casting work cannot be performed.


A stainless steel casting capable of withstanding high temperatures, which can be cast by stainless steel precision casting, and the casting can be a complicated structure. In addition, the stainless steel precision casting process can also be mass-produced to ensure the consistency of the castings and to avoid stress concentration.