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Precision casting process for copper tube precision castings
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Copper tube precision castings are a precision casting method that is relatively accurate in shape and high precision in cast copper castings compared to conventional cast copper casting processes. The more common practice is to first design the mold according to the product requirements, cast the wax by casting method, and obtain the original wax mold.


Repeating the coating and sanding process on the wax mold, hardening the shell and drying; then melting the inner wax mold to remove the wax, obtaining the cavity; roasting the shell to obtain sufficient strength; pouring the required metal material After clearing the shell, clear the sand to obtain a high-precision finished product.


According to the needs of copper tube precision castings or heat treatment and cold processing, it is required to analyze the processability of the casting structure; select a reasonable process plan, determine the relevant casting copper casting process parameters, draw the casting drawings on the above basis; design the pouring system, Determine the module structure.


When considering the above three aspects, the main basis is still the basic principle of the general copper pipe casting process, especially when determining the process plan and process parameters, except for the specific data, due to the slightly different process characteristics of the copper tube precision castings, The design principle is identical to that of sand cast copper castings.