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Precision Casting process common problems
- Jan 08, 2018 -

I believe most people now know that stainless steel precision casting, also known as investment casting wax film casting, the process is widely applicable to all types of castings, but in the casting process will inevitably encounter a series of problems.
 The first question: hammer stuck
1, in production, the temperature is often measured to avoid hammerhead, the cylinder temperature is too high;
2, the choice of high-quality, non-impurity alloy materials, to avoid impurities attached to the hammer head.

The second question: compression head stuck in the gooseneck
Solution: Wait for the equipment is at room temperature, try to turn the hammer, if unable to rotate, change the cartridge, remove the hammer. If you want to quickly solve the stuck problem, the best is to change the pot.

The third question: hit the material when playing dozens of die can not hit, wait a few minutes before they can continue playing
Solution: look at the top of the material if there is a bright spot, such as the whole section of the gray, then the plug, the nozzle temperature can be moderately increased, playing off Tsui time to reduce the time to 0.1 to 0.2 seconds, a little modeled cooling water Close the point.

Fourth question: Die-casting thin-walled products easy to crack

Solution: This problem may be material problems or bad mold set or improper selection of process parameters, try to control the proportion of waste should not exceed 30%, leaving the mold time should not be too long, about 3s per mm wall thickness, the top of the extension Can not be long, usually 0.5-2s.

Fifth question: the material is too hard, easy to wear knives
Solution: The ratio of raw materials, no renewable materials, the use of precious stones for the production of precious stones blade.

Sixth Question: Aluminum die-casting in the polished black spots
Solution: Reduce the concentration of spray agent, switch to another spray agent; or extend the spray after the hair time.

The seventh problem: the metal casting process of splashing
Solution: re-install the mold; increase the clamping force, adjust the die-casting machine so that the dynamic and fixed mold mounting plate parallel to each other; increase in the movable mold support, increase the rigidity of the plate.

Eighth problem: Die casting after anodic oxidation pattern
Solution: spraying, injection of uneven walking oil pressure, high-speed switching position improper or oxidation of copper ion content is too high will cause pattern problems, it can spray, injection of oil spread evenly, do not get together in the local, or set high-speed switching Location, reduce the phenomenon of under cast.

Ninth question: die-casting mold sticky material
1, check the mold temperature is normal, moderately reduce the alloy pouring temperature and mold temperature;
2, check whether the release agent ratio is abnormal, try to replace the release agent;
3, debugging the surface of the spray location for polishing, the mold has been nitriding, careful polishing to prevent damage to the surface of the nitride layer, forming the more throwing more sticky situation;
4, improve the design of casting system structure, to avoid continuous erosion of alloy liquid cavity wall or core;
5, modify the mold cooling system;
6, adjust the die-casting process parameters, reduce the injection speed, shorten the second speed trip.