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Precision aluminum casting surface quality control method
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Precision aluminum castings have stringent requirements for the intrinsic properties of their products and their appearance. So, how should the surface quality of precision aluminum castings be controlled? First, the surface roughness of the casting mold should meet the requirements of GB/T15114-1994. Secondly, the casting mold used does not allow cracks, under-casting, looseness, air bubbles and any penetrating defects.


In the process of casting precision aluminum castings, the gates, flash edges, overflows, partitions, and ejector marks of the casting molds used should be cleaned up. If the drawings are not specified, the settings of the die-casting process, such as the position of the ejector pin, the position of the parting line, the position of the gate and the overflow port, etc., shall be specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the drawings shall indicate or be provided by both the supplier and the buyer. Agreed.


In addition, if the casting mold of precision aluminum casting needs special processing to process its surface, such as polishing, shot blasting, chrome plating, coating, anodizing, chemical oxidation, etc., it needs to be indicated in advance on the drawing or agreed by the supplier and the buyer.