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Nonferrous Metal Precision Castings Casting Requirements and Electroplating Methods
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Whether it is life or work will also be exposed to a lot of non-ferrous metal products, and these special metal materials used to cast a variety of nonferrous metal precision castings. Because different types of non-ferrous metals contain elements of the type, density, crystallization temperature and the copper elements are very different, so be sure to according to the chemical composition of non-ferrous metal materials and solidification characteristics of its casting process control.

nonferrous metal precision castings

In the casting process of nonferrous metal precision castings, it is often through the use of controlled pouring temperature, change the alloy solidification mode, shorten the alloy crystallization time, accelerate the cooling rate of alloy and other technical measures to ensure the quality of nonferrous metal precision castings to meet customer requirements.

In order to improve the nonferrous metal precision castings in the molding process may occur in the loose porous metal structure, casting molding after the electroplating process, in the process must be strict process requirements. For example, the cleaning of the various processes to thoroughly, to prevent the residual solution in the pores of the next process; electroplating impact current density is much higher than the average parts, pre-plating time longer than the average part. 

In the pre-plated nonferrous metal precision castings, the need to hang together with the casting should always shake to ensure that the coating color uniformity to prevent the silver plating when the phenomenon of the appearance of the appearance of the quality of the coating; In addition, must be charged under the tank, Using the impact current density in the shaking of the workpiece under the premise of plating, and then to the normal current density. 

Nonferrous metal precision castings plating method is still relatively simple, usually using a centrifuge to complete, and in the course of the operation need to often add nitric acid, and according to the amount of one-third of the amount of nitric acid; in order to prevent water into the tank , Non-ferrous metal precision castings to be processed after drying and then polished.

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