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Nonferrous metal precision castings casting process and inspection standards
- Mar 09, 2018 -

Casting processes for nonferrous metal precision castings include precision casting, investment casting, lost foam casting and pressure casting. Castings obtained by this casting process basically do not require processing and can be used directly.


Nonferrous metal precision castings process flow is: pressure wax - repair wax - wax inspection - group tree - shell - dewaxing - shell baking - chemical analysis - pouring - vibration shelling - casting and pouring rod cutting separation - Grinding gate - initial inspection - blast cleaning - machining - polishing - finished product inspection - storage.


The inspection standards for non-ferrous metal precision castings are as follows: The surface of the casting should be clean and clean, with no sticky sand, oxide scales, flashes and casts. If there is a surface defect, the processing depth must not exceed 2 mm on the machined surface and 1 mm on the non-machined surface. All parts of the casting can not have cracks and linear defects.