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Molding supply and heating temperature of copper sand casting
- Sep 19, 2018 -

In the operation of copper sand casting, the casting mold is mainly made of metal with a higher melting point than the raw material, which is subdivided into gravity casting method, low pressure casting method and high pressure casting, and is subjected to the melting point of the mold during the operation, and the metal which can be cast is also Limited.

For copper sand casting, the object to be cast can be firstly copied with wax, then immersed in a ceramic (or silica sol) containing bath and dried, so that the waxed replica is covered with a ceramic outer film, and the steps are repeated until the outside The film is sufficient to support the casting process, then the wax in the mold is melted and pumped away from the mold. Thereafter, the mold needs to be heated for a plurality of times, and the hardness can be increased to be used for casting. Copper sand casting has good accuracy in operation and can be used as a casting of high melting point metal in use.

Copper sand casting molding process

1. Gravity casting: sand casting, hard molding. The molten metal is poured into the cavity by the gravity of the metal itself.

2. Pressure casting: low pressure casting, high pressure casting. The molten metal is instantaneously pressed in by the additional pressure.