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Low temperature fast burning of stainless steel sand casting and process plan
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Stainless steel sand castings can effectively change the position of the gate during operation, and use the modeling material with large heat storage during operation. This is very important for producing anti-wear products with lost foam! The chromite ore replaces other sands such as quartz sand, which have low heat storage, and will achieve good results.


The stainless steel sand casting are mainly made of low-temperature fast-burning, and the open casting system is used when it is used, so that the molten metal can be filled into the mold quickly, smoothly and evenly. This should be tailored to the requirements. The sand box is rigid and is advantageous for eliminating shrinkage.


When the stainless steel sand casting needs the riser, when the first rises the hot riser and leaves the hot section, if the riser is placed on the hot section, the size of the riser will be increased to form a “hot heating”. If you don't get it, it will not only be difficult to remove, but also produce concentrated shrinkage holes, which will reduce the process yield.


To a certain extent, stainless steel sand castings need to formulate their reasonable technological solutions, select suitable modeling materials, and tooling and correct operation and standardization, so that any shrinkage defects of machine tool castings can be solved.