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How to deal with stainless steel castings oxidized white spots
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Stainless steel castings are easily oxidized after the formation of white spots on the surface, we have to be relatively dealt with, generally can take the following methods.

High voltage and high current density impact method. In the anodic oxidation of the early adoption of high voltage, high current impact, so that the original size of the impurity cut stainless steel castings through the impact of large current convergence into a film.

2. Appearance grinding method. Grinding can make the ground aluminum finish filled with stainless steel castings.

3. Appearance shot peening method. As the choice of shot blasting power will be greatly improved, so this stainless steel castings by anodizing and dyeing effect is very good.

No matter what method, in the removal of stainless steel castings are oxidized after the white spots have their own advantages and disadvantages, so according to the specific circumstances of the decision.

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