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How to buy the right castings? Castings buyers look over
- Jan 19, 2018 -

China is a large producer of castings. Over the years, sourcing castings from China has become the first choice of castings buyers worldwide. Buyers in the fields of automobile, construction machinery, general machinery, municipal administration, energy, machine tools, agricultural machinery and telecommunications can all purchase the castings in China that meet the demand and the best price-performance ratio.


With the acceleration of transformation and upgrading, the foundry industry in China is going through tremendous changes. Purchasing castings in China also faces many changes. On the one hand, the strength of China's foundry industry is constantly improving. It seems that it has become easier to procure the best-quality castings. On the other hand, buyers will also encounter some new situations and new problems during this period of full change.


Industry changes surging


Many buyers clearly feel the strength of China's foundry industry to enhance. A buyer said that originally needed in more than 10 foundries were purchased from the assembly and then the formation of the parts, you can easily replace a cast, originally took 2 months to provide the kind of sample, in just a week can be delivered.


At the same time of positive changes, some new problems have also emerged. It is understood that there are buyers reflect the foundry for many years of cooperation suddenly stopped because of environmental protection requirements or market access and other reasons, resulting in a series of losses.


According to the analysis of China Foundry Association, the reason is that the foundry industry in China is undergoing tremendous changes. While some outstanding enterprises are growing rapidly, a large number of small-scale enterprises are eliminated due to non-compliance with the conditions for admission. In the past five years, there have been More than 4,000 foundries closed down and it is estimated that more than 10,000 foundries will go bankrupt or be acquired in the next five years.


In this special period, the purchase of castings is no longer as easy as imagined. In this regard, China Foundry Association suggested that the casting buyers should collaborate with the foundry industry authority to grasp the development of the casting industry pulse, taking advantage of the trend, change to win.


Carefully select partners


Remind buyers should first pay attention to some important list of foundry industry.


First, "foundry industry access announcement list." The list is a list of enterprises that are the foundations for the foundry industry. The development of foundries not listed in the list is limited. For example, they can not declare government-funded projects, can not participate in bidding for major state projects, and are restricted in bank loans.


In the meantime, various local policies have also been promulgated to support the development of "access announcement companies" throughout the country. For example, enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and Henan and parts of Henan that are not listed in the "Foundry Industry Admission Notice List" November 2016 ~ March 2017 during the full suspension of production, included in the list of companies to be treated differently.


At present, there are already 1,729 enterprises in the country listed in the "Foundry Industry Admission Notice List of Enterprises", and the list of enterprises in cooperation is guaranteed. "Said Fan Qi, executive vice president of China Foundry Association.


In addition, you can also pay attention to the casting industry comprehensive top 100 enterprises, sub-sectors of the vanguard and die casting enterprises 50, die-casting molds and other top 20 list of outstanding enterprises. The list of enterprises have been strictly audited by industry associations at all levels, is a trusted partner.


According to reports, buyers can intercontinental casting orders network, the official website of China Foundry Association, Ministry of Industry website, local association sites and other channels easily check the relevant list.


China foundry industry is undergoing tremendous change. In this surging special period, China Foundry Association is willing to provide in-depth services to the majority of castings buyers, helping buyers to take advantage of the situation and change their course.