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How is defects of stainless steel casting form?
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Made by pressure casting of stainless steel casting quality is quite stable, setting the basic defect does not occur after a, in other words, appear on the stainless steel castings defects are mostly caused by unreasonable design of mold. Other than to know the root causes of the formation of, and also master the approach to defect for a rainy day.

Common defects of stainless steel casting is wrinkled, especially for tube products, sharp-ridged shape of this wrinkle, and often occur symmetrically on either side of the center line. In order to put an end to this defect as follows: 1, shortening the cutting size to make it consistent with the technological requirements; 2, adjust the height of the curved surface, the surface of the wall in the right move slide. 3, or by changing the size of mold mitigation; 4, sometimes, about proper adjustment stainless steel castings in pipe fitting dimensions, can also play a large role.

Operate in accordance with the above, casting defects will be removed, ensure an excellent quality made stainless steel castings.