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Hot iron casting application purpose
- Jan 16, 2017 -

In addition to chill materials to be used in the casting, hot iron is an integral part of, mainly play the role of insulation makes access to the feeding. Casting molding process, due to the influence of various factors, which appear at the surface defects, which seriously affects the casting quality and performance.

One of the effective way to solve this problem is the use of hot iron, is also in the cast placed on the independence of their entity, or nonmetallic thermal insulation placed outside the shell, after passing through the solidification, can prevent the casting of various quality problems.

Although this method is solving the defects of casting, but so far there is no system of test data, also in the production of castings for different structure, at different positions in different hot iron, and reasonable control of their diameter, length, width, and height dimensions, and to get good results.