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Good heat-resistant Aluminum Alloy Centrifugal Castings
- Mar 04, 2017 -

Aluminum Alloy Centrifugal Castings Basic Info
Structure: Belt-Driven Blower / Pump
Working Conditions: Dry
Insulation Grade: F
OEM: Acceptable
Specification: Customized
Oil or Not: Oil Free
Exhauster Method: Kinetic Vacuum Pump
Work Function: Mainsuction Pump
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Frequency: 50 & 60Hz

Product Description
Aluminum Alloy Centrifugal Pump Advantages
1. Energy conversion reaches 85%, save more energy
2. Max air flow reaches 6000m3/h
3. ABB motor, IE2, IE3 standard, stable capacity
4. 1set 7.5kw belt-driven blowers replace 4sets 7.5kw side channel blower, save energy
5. New design, competitive price
6. Company passed TUV and ISO
7. Pump head using Teflon, anti-corrosion!

Aluminum Alloy Centrifugal Pump Applications
A.  Air Coating System
B.  Fridge board drying
C.  Dust-Free Plant
D.  Auto part Drying
E.  Plastic sheet Drying
F.  Electroplating parts Drying
G.  Plating Drying and Cleaning System
H.  PCBA Cleaning and Drying Equipment
I.   Material Handling /Material Conveying
J.   Vacuum Filling Equipment
K.  Tank Aeration & Aquaculture & Shrimp (Fish) Farm
L.  Water Treatment
M.  Bottling drying system & Vacuum Filling Equipment
O.  Biogas Transportation & Biogas Power Generation

 Company service
 A.  Professional design and die-casting blowers make sure the stable capacity
 B.  Engineer Teams help you choosing the best suitable models
 C.  OEM service available
 D.  Full products range: ring blowers, belt-driven blowers, Atex blowers, IP55 etc
 F.  Super quality with Competitive Price

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