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Four Basic Types of Water Pump Impeller and Its Performance
- Jun 29, 2017 -

Impeller is one of the important components of the water pump, it has played a key role in the use of the pump, in order to meet the different requirements, the choice of water pump impeller form is different. So, what is the current commonly used water pump impeller? Their performance structure is what kind of.

It is understood that the basic types of pump impeller castings there are four, namely, channel type, leaf type, spiral centrifugal, swirl, of course, which can also be subdivided. In the case of a flow-type pump impeller, it is characterized by a curved runner from the inlet to the outlet, so it is more suitable for conveying liquids containing large particles of impurities or long fibers because such impellers are excellent Anti-clogging performance.

In contrast, the vane pump impeller castings is easy to cast and is easy to maintain to clean up the impurities that are jammed during transport. However, in the course of work, due to the erosion of solid particles will make the gap between the inner wall and the blade increases, reducing the operating efficiency of the pump, which is not suitable for conveying large particles and long fiber medium.

Also see is the spiral centrifugal pump impeller, its leaves are twisted, in the cone-shaped hub body from the suction port in the axial extension. This particular form allows the conveyed liquid to flow through the blade without impinging any part of the pump, so there is no damage to the pump.

There are also swirling pump impellers, which are fully or partially shrunk to the plenum flow path when they are arranged in the pump, thus providing good resistance to clogging. The flow of particles in the water pressure chamber is mainly driven by the vortex generated by the rotation of the impeller, and the suspended particles themselves do not produce energy.

As a result, the suspended particles in the pump when the flow will not contact with the wear and tear of the blade, which also to some extent reduce the blade itself wear, there is no gap due to wear and increase the situation. So that the cyclone pump impeller is very suitable for pumping large particles and long fibers containing the media.


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