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Foundry metal method and important process description
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1. What does it mean for casting metal, specifically what is it?
Cast metal, in particular, it refers to a class of metal materials that can be used in the casting process, rather than other materials. Moreover, the casting process, is the first metal smelting to meet certain requirements of the liquid, and into the mold. Then, after the cooling, solidification and finishing processes are carried out, the entire process of the desired shape and size is obtained.
2. Casting metal, its casting method, what?
Cast metal casting method, its specific, there are ordinary sand casting and special casting of these two.
Ordinary sand casting: its sand type, mainly including the wet sand type, dry sand and chemical hardening sand type of these three.
Special Casting: Its main, there are metal casting, pressure casting, low pressure live and centrifugal casting and so on.
3. What are the processes or steps in casting metal?
In the casting of metal, its more important process or steps, which are mainly:
Preparation of the mold: that is, the liquid metal to become a solid casting containers. And, in the specific species, there are many kinds, if the number of points by the use of words, can be divided into one-time, semi-permanent and permanent type of three.
Casting metal melting and pouring: that is, the metal material melting and casting work, with the specifications and requirements to carry out.
Casting treatment and inspection: In the casting treatment, which mainly includes the core and casting surface foreign body cleaning, pouring mouth cut, burr cleaning, heat treatment, plastic, rust treatment, and some rough processing, so that casting Good use effect.

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