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Five defects of die casting and its solution
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Die-casting five shortcomings are: cold, crack, shrink, gas, off. Cold, refers to rough casting rough surface, cold lines, dissatisfaction with water. Crack, refers to the sticky mold pull crack, cracking, mold temperature is too low cold cracking, shrinkage. Shrink, refers to the casting surface uneven with depression. Gas, refers to the castings have a bit of gas feed hole, overflow slag mouth has pores, the surface of the casting bubbles, the Ministry of castings have pores. Off, refers to the casting surface has a layer of purple like the thin off from the skin, there are thin and thin there are very few thin, while the other side of the thin side and the casting body that is separated from the skin.


There are four ways to lift the five major defects:


First, understand the casting process, find the correct feeding direction.


Second, understand the product weight, sprue how much to locate.


Third, understand the product structure, how to use the runner, runner-oriented flow path.


Fourth, understand the product structure, to open? Gating. One into the , two into the , multi-channel imports, beads imported, as long as you understand the die-casting from these areas can solve the five major flaws.


It is understood that the following major shortcomings has been the difficulty of die-casting company:


First, how stomata will stay in?


Second, Yi Liu slag mouth mouth is how to produce stomatal.


Third, the surface of the bubble size of the origin of the casting.


Fourth, the casting hole is difficult to lift.


Fifth, castings produced by the main process where the wrong skin.


Sixth, why castings peeling - root release agent whether the relationship.


Seven, six words at the beginning of the aluminum why it is difficult to do, what the idea of the details.


Eight, zinc alloy castings after the surface of the foam, what is the problem.


Nine, how to do the surface strength of zinc alloy castings.


Ten, what kind of mold release agent copper castings best.