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Determination of casting casting casting surface
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Due to the quality of the casting and casting is directly related to the location, so for different requirements, also cast to select the location to obtain high quality castings. When casting, casting what should set a better arrangement?

If you cast facing down or to the side, gas in molten metal and slag and mould sand grains will float, so will emerge in the upper part of the casting may blowhole, slag, sand holes and other defects, but lower quality is quite good. In order to ensure the quality of work face, well take the form of State water, and leave the circumference in the side, so you can guarantee uniform quality.

All such undesirable phenomena in order to prevent the casting of thin-walled parts, at the time of casting, as far as possible area of large thin-wall located in the lower part of the casting, or put it in a side wall or inclined position. While most of the thickness of the casting, to obtain high quality, should be placed at the top or at the side of the parting surface, mainly in order to facilitate the placement of riser feeding to prevent defects of.