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Design process and technical level of copper tube casting for water pump
- Jun 22, 2018 -

In the process of designing, the water pump copper pipe castings are designed in a process. In addition to the need to effectively determine the geometry and size of the castings according to their working conditions and the properties of the metal materials, it is necessary to design the process. Considering the rationality of the design from the perspective of the casting alloy and the casting process performance, to a certain extent, there are obvious size effects and problems such as solidification, shrinkage and stress.


The water pump copper pipe casting effectively avoids or reduces the occurrence of defects such as deformation, cracking, segregation and the like of the components of the casting to a certain extent. A reasonable casting process can be effectively used according to the weight, size, and size of the casting. The structure, in the operation of the casting alloy characteristics and production conditions, select the appropriate parting surface and modeling, core method, set reasonable casting ribs, cold iron, riser and gating system. To ensure the quality of castings.


The water pump copper pipe castings mainly use the quality of raw materials during operation. When used, the quality of raw materials such as fuel, flux, metal charge, refractory materials, modifiers, and foundry sands, sand binders, and coatings is mainly used. Standards will cause defects such as blowholes, pinholes, slag inclusions, and sticky sand, which will affect the appearance quality and internal quality of the castings. In severe cases, the castings will be scrapped. The fourth is the process operation. It is necessary to formulate a reasonable process operation procedure and improve the technical level of the workers so that the process procedures can be implemented correctly.


In the process of production of the pump copper pipe castings, the quality of the castings shall be controlled and inspected. First, the rules and technical conditions for the control and inspection of raw materials and auxiliary materials to each specific product shall be formulated. Each process is strictly controlled and tested in accordance with the process codes and technical conditions. Finally, quality inspection of finished castings. Should be equipped with a reasonable detection method and suitable testing personnel.


Water pump copper pipe castings generally have the appearance quality of the castings. When used, the specimens are compared to determine the surface roughness of the castings. Subtle cracks on the surface can be checked by the coloring method and magnetic particle method. The internal quality of the casting can be checked and judged by methods such as audio, ultrasound, eddy current, X-ray, and gamma ray.