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Defects and Remedies after Heat Treatment of Stainless Steel Castings
- Dec 29, 2017 -

From the box, trolley-type resistance furnace plate, the use of a high-temperature tempering before, and try to control the temperature above 950 degrees, the purpose is to eliminate the internal stress during casting. And in the use of the furnace plate, we must ensure that the workpiece placed evenly, can not be stacked in a local workpiece, otherwise it will lead to uneven heat during the heating process in the furnace, the furnace easily lead to deformation and cracking , Reduce the furnace floor life.


Stainless steel casting manufacturing is smelting, casting, heat treatment to be completed, the casting steel should be this Yong induction furnace, electric arc furnace, ladle refining furnace melting or other melting methods to meet the requirements. In the casting process in the demand-side no special requirements, determined by the supplier. Heat treatment method is casting should be heat treatment, under normal circumstances, the heat treatment by the supplier. In the event of defect removal and repair, we shall implement the following regulations:

1, the casting should be cooled to a certain temperature in the box out of the box, martensitic steel surface after softening annealing can be seen defects.

2. When the removal of defects, the minimum casting preheat temperature should be specified.

3. Casting defects allow repair welding repair, welding defects must be completely cleaned before exposing the dense metal surface.

4. Welding repair welding materials should be used with the same or similar casting material.

5. The same material martensitic welding rod welding, the general softening annealing, the final heat treatment before the stainless steel castings after the heat treatment defects and remedial measures, unless otherwise specified, the use of martensitic welding electrode should be welded After stress relieving treatment.

6. For the requirements of intergranular corrosion tendency test or impact toughness experiment or both of chromium, manganese, nitrogen steel castings should be treated after solution welding treatment.


Stainless steel castings in the chemical composition should be consistent with national regulations, when the demand side needs to be finished chemical composition analysis, the chemical composition of the allowable deviation should be consistent with the provisions. Mechanical properties of the castings after heat treatment should be consistent with the provisions of which surface hardness is not accepted basis. Stainless steel castings surface roughness should be consistent with the provisions of GB / T 6060.1. Castings surface cloth allows cracks, cold insulation, porosity and sticky sand and other casting defects. Casting size tolerances should be consistent with the provisions of GB / T 6414.