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Corrosion resistant steel castings reference standard and its materials and advantages
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Corrosion resistant steel castings, which have some reference standards, specifically, are GB/T 2100-2017, which is GB/T 2100-2017 General Corrosion Resistant Steel Castings. In this standard, the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, storage, packaging and transportation of general corrosion-resistant steel castings are specified. Also, corrosion-resistant steel castings used in various corrosive conditions should be referenced to this standard.


Corrosion resistant steel castings, which is one of steel castings, which can be used as a cast steel material with good corrosion resistance, and this material is specially used to manufacture steel castings. If it is ordinary cast steel, it is used to make ordinary steel castings. Corrosion-resistant steel castings are very suitable if the casting strength requirements are relatively high and corrosive substances or other substances are used in the environment. However, since the molten steel fluidity is not as good as that of cast iron, the thickness of the casting structure should not be too small, and the shape thereof should not be too complicated. In addition, the content of silicon should be controlled to ensure product quality.


The advantages of corrosion resistant steel castings are:

(1) It can be flexibly designed because castings have a certain choice of free and negative in shape and size, especially complex and hollow parts. In addition, this type of casting is easy to shape and easy to change shape, can quickly produce finished products according to the drawings, and respond quickly to shorten the production cycle of the product.

(2) Different chemical compositions and organizational structures can be used to meet different needs. In addition, different mechanical properties, weldability and workability can be obtained by different heat treatments. The overall structural strength of the casting will vary.

(3) Small steel castings can weigh as little as 10 grams, while large steel castings can weigh several tons, dozens of tons or even hundreds of tons.

(4) If it is compared with forged steel parts, it can obtain complicated and non-stress-concentrated parts; and if it has some advantages compared with welded parts, corrosion-resistant steel castings are worth casting and use!