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Correct use of die casting molds for casting of non-ferrous metal precision castings
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Since some achievements have been made in the development of the non-ferrous metal casting process industry, non-ferrous metal products have become more and more, including many non-ferrous metal precision castings. For such die castings, the die has played a very important role.


The use of die-casting molds has a great influence on non-ferrous metal precision castings, so many aspects must be paid attention to in this complicated process of using molds. For example, the use of the die-casting mold cooling system is mainly to properly and fully use the mold cooling water. In this way, not only can the service life of the die-casting mold be extended, but also the efficiency can be improved.


Secondly, it is preheated before the production operation, and usually can be preheated by means of a blowtorch, liquefied gas and a mold temperature lamp. At the same time, some different sections of the die-casting mold should be cleaned to ensure that high-quality non-ferrous metal precision castings can be produced.


In addition, it is absolutely forbidden to have a signal line between the die casting machine and the die-casting mold, because the signal line is easily wetted during the production process, and if the joint is accidentally wrapped, the machine tool may be short-circuited. The signal is wrong, the alarm is stopped, the signal is disordered, and the mold is broken. As the relevant staff, we must carefully check the die-casting molds during the handover, find problems in time and solve them in time to prevent the loss from expanding.