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Copper tube castings for water pump Charge Requirements and Composition Selection
- May 22, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the Copper tube castings for water pumpare designed according to their strength principles, and the structural shapes of the castings are designed in accordance with their strength principles when operating, and to a certain extent, they are the most economical structural shapes of the metal.

Water pump copper pipe castings will effectively select the appropriate cross-sectional shape according to their strength and stiffness requirements. During the operation process, the lathe bed structure is composed of three types of cross-sections. When the weights are the same, their stiffness ratio is 1. : 1.9:4. Among the various cross-sectional shapes of the water pump casting beam, some of the cross-sectional shapes have high bending strength and save material.

Water pump copper pipe casting in the process of production and the characteristics of the structure of the material with the appropriate characteristics, such as its cast iron and magnesium alloy, a significant feature is that its compressive strength is much higher than the tensile strength, in order to make full use of materials, should Asymmetric cross-sections are used to make the cross-section of the compressive stress part of the casting smaller and the tensile stress greater. Eliminating excess metal from the pump's casting and replacing the solid wall with equal thickness by thin walls with ribs or ribs.

Selection of components for pump brass castings

In the process of manufacturing the water pump copper pipe casting, under normal circumstances, the water pump casting with a small wall thickness is not easy to form ferrite in the process of operation, that is, easy to produce white mouth. Increasing the silicon-to-silicon ratio can effectively prevent the generation of openings in the thin-walled area, which will help improve the uniformity, strength, and hardness of the casting structure and reduce the residual stress.

Feedstock copper tube casting charge requirements

Our company uses a 3t/h two-row space cupola for smelting, using locally produced coke and pig iron, adding 5% to 15% scrap. Scrap thickness ≥ 3mm, block size greater than 1/5 of the diameter of the furnace, requiring rust treatment. The rest of the furnace charge is not more than 1/3 of the diameter of the furnace, in order to reduce the loss of silicon, try to use iron alloy with lower silicon content. In order to ensure the melting temperature, the coke with higher fixed carbon should be selected and the block size should be between 90-130mm. An important indicator for obtaining high-quality molten iron is the tapping temperature of hot metal, especially for high-silicon-carbon than cast iron, which has a high melting temperature.