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Copper castings of fan impeller mold design and manufacturing requirements
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Copper castings of fan impeller are made by casting mold, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the process and molding of the impeller impeller copper castings of high quality, the use of mold design and manufacturing is absolutely not sloppy. About fan impeller copper casting mold working life, manufacturing costs, manufacturing precision and performance instructions.


Fan impeller copper casting mold working life and a variety of factors, including the mold toughness, thermal fatigue properties, anti-wear properties, which are basically formed by the mold structure of the heat treatment, grain size and other decisions .


Fan impeller copper casting mold manufacturing costs are also related to the heat treatment process, including vacuum heat treatment, copper mold surface hardening and mold pre-hardening technology. As the middle part of the mold manufacturing process or the final process, the quality of the heat treatment is related to the quality of the entire mold, which is closely related to the manufacturing cost.


The manufacturing precision of copper castings of fan impeller depends on the accuracy of the die. Therefore, the processing, assembly and use of the die after heat treatment are required to be strictly followed, and the residual stress should be controlled as much as possible to improve the precision of the die and the copper castings.


In order to play a better role in the fan, copper castings of fan impeller is necessary to have sufficient strength, which requires the performance of fan impeller copper casting mold design requirements, on the one hand to develop a reasonable heat treatment process and operating practices, and the other Have to improve the heat treatment equipment.