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Commonly used materials and performance requirements of the wear-resistant copper bush castings
- Dec 11, 2017 -

The common materials of wear-resistant copper bush castings are mainly brass and bronze.

Brass:It refers to the copper alloy with zinc as the main alloying element, including the general brass and special brass.

Bronze:It refers to copper-tin alloy. However, also call the copper alloy with aluminum, silicon, lead, beryllium, manganese and other metal elements bronze. Therefore, the specific scope of the bronze includes tin bronze, aluminum bronze, beryllium bronze, silicon bronze, lead bronze and so on.

The reference standard for wear-resistant copper bush castings is GB 1176-1987 Specification for cast copper alloys. The casting performance requirements are: High hardness, good wear resistance, not easy to appear seizure phenomenon. Moreover, it should have good casting and cutting properties. If these conditions are not met, the product is unqualified.

The production process of wear-resistant copper bush casting is casting.  The metal is poured into a prepared sand mould or a mold after being melted, and the metal is cooled and solidified. And forging uses some machinery and equipment to put certain pressure on the material, so that it will produce plastic deformation. Therefore, the two methods are different and cannot be confused.