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Common methods and operating procedures for brass casting processes
- Aug 20, 2018 -

The brass casting process is actually an early metal hot working process, which refers to a process in which a solid brass is melted into a liquid brass and poured into a mold of a specific shape to be solidified and formed. This process is low in manufacturing cost and flexible in process, allowing for complex shapes and large castings.


There are three main types of commonly used brass casting processes. One is lost wax casting. By using a wax mold, the ceramic shell is covered, and a molten alloy can be injected to replace the wax. The other is die casting, which is cast to create the same product by creating a reusable mold. There is also a sand casting that pours brass into the sand mold to create a unique look.


The brass casting process usually starts from the preparation of the mold. The mold can be divided into sand type, metal type, ceramic type, mud type, graphite type, etc. according to the materials used, and can be divided into disposable type, semi-permanent type and permanent type according to the number of times of use. The pros and cons of casting preparation are the main factors affecting the quality of castings.


Next, the casting and casting of the cast metal is carried out, and finally the castings obtained by the casting are processed and inspected, including the removal of foreign objects on the core and the surface of the casting, the refining of the riser, the burrs and burrs, and the heat treatment, shaping, and rust prevention. Processing and roughing, etc.