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Centrifugal casting process quality control elements
- Aug 31, 2018 -

In the centrifugal casting production, there are many key process problems that need to be properly solved, because these factors are directly related to the quality and production efficiency of the casting, such as casting speed, casting system, casting quantitative, solidification under slag, metal filtration, paint use, pouring Temperature, casting shape, etc.


Firstly, the casting speed is one of the factors that need to be strictly controlled. In the centrifugal casting process, the casting speeds of the castings are different for different castings and different casting processes. If the rotation speed is too low, it will lead to poor filling of the molten metal, or the rain phenomenon of the molten metal, which will also cause looseness, slag inclusion, and unevenness of the inner surface of the casting.


At the same time, the pouring process will have a very important impact on the quality of the centrifugal casting process. The inner diameter of the centrifugal casting is often determined by the amount of molten metal, so in the centrifugal casting, the amount of molten metal in the pouring type must be controlled to ensure the inner diameter. In addition, the pouring temperature should be controlled, and the pouring temperature during centrifugal casting can be 5~10 °C lower than that of gravity casting.