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Causes of wear of stainless steel castings
- Oct 06, 2017 -

Stainless steel castings are made of some alloy, the industry for its strength requirements are relatively high, but even if there is a strong hardness, strong impact with the hard objects will inevitably be worn, we specifically analyzed the resulting stainless steel castings Cause of wear:

1, when the stainless steel castings and materials in full contact, on the one hand to be impact force, on the other hand to be washed, a long time, there will be some wear and tear, appearance and sides of the edges and corners will be slowly grinding into a smooth Of the arc.

2, stainless steel castings just put into production when the surface and angular position are not worn to the positive force impact on the surface of stainless steel castings, resulting in deformation and bump, but if there is wear, due to the surface of the force surface decomposition.

3, the reverse force will impact on the stainless steel castings, will reduce production efficiency and increase working hours. Therefore, when the stainless steel casting force of the transfer, as well as changes in wear and tear once, it indicates that the life of stainless steel casting to end.


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