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Casting method and precautions of pump impeller copper casting
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Copper castings are simple, some of which are specifically designed for pumps, including copper casting of pump impeller. Its casting method not only uses the sand casting, but also involves the metal casting and low pressure casting and other methods. What else should be noticed when casting pump impeller copper castings?


Copper casting of pump impeller is not very simple, first of all to smelt the metal, and then to meet the requirements of the metal liquid poured into the mold inside, when the liquid metal cooling and solidification, we can handle the shape and size we want. The casting process is casting, but in the copper casting process, we have to pay attention to a lot of things.


In the casting of copper alloy, the use of metal casting method, this method can facilitate the solidification of the alloy, but also can effectively improve the quality of the copper casting of pump impeller. If you can also subdivide the metal grains, then it is to make stomatal construction, but also to make the alloy airtight better.


If the copper alloy more lead, then try to use the metal casting, this is to avoid excessive copper composition analysis. When the copper alloy parts more time, you can use the centrifugal casting method. For some of the larger pump impeller copper castings, mainly to low-pressure casting, it can improve the density of copper castings.


Also, after the pump impeller castings are cast, they need to be cleaned and silver plated. Due to the characteristic structure of the copper impeller pump castings, the requirements of the electroplating process is also very strict, so as to be able to cast a satisfactory product.