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Casting Method and Application Advantage of nonferrous metal precision castings
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Nonferrous metal precision castings in the manufacturing process is mainly used in its investment casting precision casting, is mainly effective in its fusible material made of fusible model, and then coated with a lot of its characteristics on the refractory coating, non-ferrous metals The precision castings, after drying or hardening, form an integral shell and then melt the model from the shell with steam or hot water and place the shell in the flask.

Nonferrous metal precision castings will be filled in the surrounding dry sand molding, at the end of the mold will be put into the roasting furnace after high temperature roasting, casting or shell by roasting, pour molten metal in which castings, Precision casting of the product obtained precision, complex, close to the final shape of the parts, can be processed or rarely processed directly on the use of a nearly net shape of the advanced technology,

Nonferrous metal precision castings is an excellent process technology in the casting industry, its application is very extensive, in the course of the use is very suitable for what type and a variety of alloy casting, in the process of production of its casting size And precision and surface quality than other casting methods are high, and even other casting methods difficult to cast the complex, high temperature, easy to process the casting, can be used to melt casting precision casting

The development of nonferrous metal precision castings process is very rapid and widely used, from the current form of view, the future of such a future development trend of the process of casting products closer to the parts of the traditional products only Rough, has not adapted to the market's rapid response.

Nonferrous metal precision castings of good quality and has a certain reliability, the entire product quality near-end castings, in use will shorten its delivery time, the use of products can effectively protect the environment to reduce environmental pollution, product production can effectively reduce its production costs.

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