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Cast aluminum coating thickness and porosity on the quality of
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Aluminum castings with high precision, simple processing, low density and mechanical strength characteristics, so there are many industrial uses of such casting products, particularly some small parts with complex shape, would choose to use aluminum castings.

Because of the casting, the main raw material, more negative potentials of aluminum alloys, chemical stability, easy to corrosion, aluminium casting is usually carried out plating and coating paint is used as a protective layer and decorative layer. This process must practice, particularly with regard to pre-treatment and coating thickness of plating.

In particular aluminum alloy coating thickness does not control well, performance will be affected, mainly its insulation. But cast aluminum coated insulation not only depends on the thickness of the coating, but also depends on the porosity of the coating itself, so conditions and brushing is very important.

For aluminum castings, and usually coating the more common way is to spray, brush or applying, so as to get a good coating effect. But because of the spray equipment and paint viscosity and the coating effects also will have some impact, it also changes the paint quality of the sediments.

And degree of coating formation of voids in aluminum castings, is basically a mold cavity surface contact carrier water evaporation rate, greater the porosity of paint coating thermal insulation performance will be even better, the entire aluminium castings are better.

But know the aluminum castings are of surface treatment methods are not perfect, there are still some quality problems, so there will be considerable improvement, this is the aluminum casting industry's future development goals.