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Brass castings in copper castings
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Brass castings, which are one of copper castings, are also technically cast as well as, in particular, the smelted liquid metal, which is injected into the mold by some specific methods, Then cool down. After the cooling is good, the processes of sand removal, cleaning and post-treatment are carried out to obtain the castings of a certain shape, size and performance.

Brass casting applications, from the current point of view, in daily life, is also very large, such as the door handle, door locks, radiator, water pipes and gas stove rack, etc. These are brass castings. However, if this kind of casting is broken, then welding repair can be performed, however, it should be noted that 204S brass arc welding wire should be used. In the welding method, it should be non-melting pole argon arc welding Welding method.