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Brass casting process features
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Brass casting process should pay attention to the actual use, first of all to pay attention to the brass casting will be based on the Cu-Zn binary alloy casting alloy, the crystallization temperature is relatively small, casting performance is also relatively it is good. Compared with tin bronze, cast brass has higher mechanical properties. In addition, because brass contains a large amount of zinc, its cost is relatively low. These cast brasses also have a wide range of applications.


The performance characteristics of the brass casting process actually means that the zinc in the cast brass is the main factor affecting the castability of the cast brass. The vaporization point of the zinc is approximately 907°C, and the melting point of the cast brass is 900. °C, zinc has a great tendency to evaporate and oxidize during smelting and pouring. Cast brass has better flow properties, but the shrinkage of manganese brass is relatively large and it is prone to shrinkage and cold cracking and deformation.


Next, when it comes to the brass casting process, in fact, it will be for the above characteristics, in the casting should pay attention to take the following process measures to process. First of all, at this time, we must pay attention to the sand core with good performance in order to reduce the casting stress and prevent its thick line crack and deformation phenomenon.


After the actual brass casting process, this time it is necessary to pay attention to set up the riser and strengthen the feeding. For this gating system, it is necessary to pay attention to setting to expect to ensure directional solidification. At this time, it is necessary to set the structure for setting slag and slag. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the smooth filling of the liquid, and the inner runner. The layout should allow uniform cooling of the casting.


The casting process in the brass casting process should pay attention to minimize the pouring temperature of the brass during casting. In this respect, it can be expected to reduce the shrinkage in the liquid state, and then it can also prevent the occurrence of vaporization. Later, when casting brass, attention should be paid to adding a small amount of other alloying elements (mainly Mn, Al, Fe, Si, Pb, etc.) to improve its mechanical, physical, and chemical properties.