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Axial flow fan castings use advantages and use of materials and their purchase
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Fan castings, that is, some parts of the fan are obtained through the casting process, so these parts are castings. If the fan is an axial fan or an axial fan, then its casting can be called an axial fan casting, but it is still in this large range of castings, so it is necessary to understand what it is what.


1. Advantages of using axial-flow fan castings

In the axial flow fan, if you use a workpiece such as casting, you can bring some benefits, or there are some advantages in use, for:


(1) Axial flow fan castings, because of their use of casting technology, therefore, castings have good performance in the use of performance and use of effects, and durable and long life, if used correctly and standard, it is not easy to appear problem.

(2) It installs sealed heat dissipation components on the outside of the motor, so it can effectively protect the castings and extend the service life of the castings.


2. Axial flow fan casting, whether it can use aluminum alloy material?

Axial-flow fan castings can be made of aluminum alloy on the materials used, and this is also a common and commonly used material because of its good performance and use on the fan. In addition, the use of aluminum alloy material, and the use of die-casting process, can be obtained aluminum alloy die castings, fan blades and other wind turbine castings, which are in the range of axial fan castings.


3. Axial fan casting material selection and purchase

In the axial flow fan, it is more appropriate to use castings in certain locations, such as fan impellers and fan bases. However, in casting materials, suitable types can be selected according to different use environments and application requirements to ensure that different requirements are met and used. Have good use effect, and then, to ensure the normal operation and use of axial fans.


The purchase of axial flow fan castings is also an important task because it concerns whether the product can be used normally and exert its due effect and effect. Therefore, we must pay attention and at the same time, choose the right product. The specific aspects that need to be taken into account in the purchase work are the product origin, specifications, prices and wholesale prices, market conditions, etc., as well as the manufacturer.