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Analysis of solidification ways of castings and uncertain factors
- Jan 16, 2017 -

A link after the solidification of casting forming process, so select the appropriate freezing mode is important, concerns the forming of castings quality. Known casting concentration which factors influence?

According to my observation, solidification of casting solidification mode depends on the width of the area, and coagulation zone width depends on two factors, namely the alloy temperature interval and the casting temperature gradient. Only if they are determined, casting solidification mode of application can be decided.

Under normal circumstances, in the casting temperature gradient under similar circumstances, temperature interval, it solidified the width of the area is larger. Casting process of crystallization of alloys temperature interval have been identified in cases, when the temperature gradient is large, wide temperature interval of solidification of alloys can have smaller areas, tend to be frozen in the middle layer-by-layer solidification, and when the temperature gradient is small, coagulation zone width is larger, or volume set.