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Aluminum Alloy Fan Impeller Castings
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Aluminum alloy fan impeller castings, because it is mainly used in the fan impeller, and its use of the material is for the aluminum alloy, so, will have this specific name. So, what kind of casting, what should we know and understand? The main purpose of this question is to draw the content of the article, and then to have a preliminary understanding and understanding of it.

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1. Aluminum alloy fan impeller castings, which will one of the aluminum leaves into steel impeller, is it possible?
Aluminum alloy fan impeller castings, which will be replaced by aluminum impeller wheel steel wheel, is possible, if there is no specific use of the requirements, then, their use effect is about the same. However, the weight of aluminum is much lighter, so that you can reduce the power consumption of the fan, and play the role of energy efficiency and role. So, is not recommended to do so.

2. Why use aluminum alloy, there are other materials can not match the advantages?
This is because the aluminum alloy of this material, its main advantage is for the beautiful appearance, light weight, and, with good corrosion resistance, so it is more and more loved by everyone. Therefore, it can be used in the fan impeller, made of castings, so that you can reduce the weight of the fan, and to ensure its service life. Therefore, this kind of fan impeller, we can call it aluminum alloy fan impeller castings.

3. Can be used to die-cast aluminum alloy material, what? In addition, it is different from forged aluminum alloy?
Can be used for die-casting of aluminum alloy material, the main ones are ADC-1, ADC-12, DIN 1706, DIN 1706, and AlSi9Cu3 and so on, it can be said that there are many. And its difference with the forgings of aluminum alloy, mainly in the production process and finished products, the former is forging processing, the finished product is forging, the latter is for casting, finished for casting, for example, aluminum alloy fan impeller castings.

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