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Aluminum alloy fan impeller casting instructions and impeller diameter definition
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Aluminum alloy fan impeller casting, from its name can be known, this is a kind of casting, and it is the fan impeller component, in the material used is aluminum alloy. Therefore, based on these two points, there will be aluminum alloy fan impeller casting this specific name. And we need to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of this kind of casting so that we can know how to operate it correctly and at the same time, to get good results.


1 aluminum alloy fan impeller casting instructions

The purchase of aluminum alloy fan impeller castings is an important task. Therefore, it must be taken seriously and carried out in order to prevent wrong purchases and various problems or economic losses to users. When purchasing, it needs to consider some specific aspects, which are product detailed parameters, origin, real-time quotation and price quotation, manufacturer and after-sales service and so on. Moreover, all these factors should be taken into consideration. One cannot be omitted.


2. Can you use aluminum alloy fan impeller casting on centrifugal fan?

Centrifugal fan This type of fan can use aluminum alloy fan impeller castings. In addition, there are three types of fan impeller blade shapes: single-plate type, arc type, and wing type. The single-plate impeller blades are simple in manufacture but not very fluid. The wing-type blades have aerodynamic characteristics and are strong and rigid with high work efficiency. However, its manufacturing process is more complicated.


3. Is it possible to use aluminum alloy fan impeller castings for forward fan impellers?

The fan forward impeller, which may be an aluminum alloy fan impeller casting, and it is generally a circular-arc type vane, not a wing-type vane, because the airfoil-type vane is mainly used in the rearward impeller. In addition, the draft fan of coal-fired boilers can adopt arc-shaped or flat-type blades because of its low dust removal efficiency.


4. What is the fan impeller diameter of an aluminum alloy fan impeller when it is used on a fan?

Aluminum alloy fan impeller castings, when used in the fan, the fan impeller diameter calculation is a specific provision, is a point from the outer edge of the impeller, after the center to the other edge of the impeller on the outer edge of a point, The measured value is the diameter of the impeller. In addition, the fan model will be described. For example, the fan model is Y5-47-5C, and 5C is 500mm. According to the design features of the fan plus 5mm, the fan impeller diameter is 505mm.