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Aluminum alloy casting mold include what?
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Application of aluminum alloy castings in daily production more and more common than other artifacts, its usage is still very heavy. On the premise of meeting, in order to ensure the quality of castings, mold has a lot to do with its use. Then problems ensued, mould of aluminum alloy casting requirements entail?

Due to the temperature and pressure of aluminum alloy die much than plastic, it has strict requirements on the validity of its design, so first of all, this type of mold can't exist on concave scream avoids chipping in use. Secondly, although the high precision aluminum castings, but is a bit less than plastic, so mold structure should not be too complicated. If the workpiece itself is complex, consider breaking it into different parts of the production.

For casting of screw hole, and will not be displayed directly on the mold, generally is the mould only cone crater, later processing get, so there should be a certain amount of processing. Due to the surface made of cast aluminum alloy hard anode oxidation, but it can be used instead of fuel injection or spray, further upgrading of castings quality.