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Aluminum Alloy Casting Industry Analysis on The Problems to Be Solved in The Future Development
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Reducing energy consumption, reducing environmental pollution and conserving limited resources are a very important and urgent task facing today's countries. In the automotive and other products under the impetus of the general trend of light, can be expected in the next 10 years, China's light metal castings market will have a substantial development. The proportion of aluminum and magnesium alloy castings in the casting countries is between 13% and 19%. In some countries (such as Italy), the proportion of aluminum and magnesium alloy castings is as high as 30% to 40% To 10%. More than 90% of the developed countries for aluminum castings auto manufacturing, in China, aluminum alloy castings to form a large-scale production and meet the requirements of the car lightweight to solve the problem is still a lot: First, the requirements of aluminum castings to the car Thin-walled, complex shape, high strength, high-quality direction. In order to meet this requirement, the casting process should be further optimized and the development of new alloy materials should be carried out. Second, the cost of production should be reduced from the point of view of design and process, such as the use of multiple molds and automation techniques to increase productivity, extend mold life, and reduce the number of parts with an integrated design. Third, the use of computer simulation technology to shorten the development cycle of the program. Fourth, increase the recovery of aluminum. Recycled aluminum is the main raw material for aluminum casting. In the development of the casting industry, China should pay attention to the utilization of recycled aluminum resources, develop the technology of effective separation of aluminum from the composite materials of composite materials and dissimilar materials, and establish a wide range of waste recycling system.

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