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Alloy Steel Castings Properly Detect
- Aug 18, 2017 -

We should use the alloy steel castings before the advance detection, the equipment is suitable for the current application, whether there is damage. The following Xiaobian to teach you how to correctly detect alloy steel castings.

1. The appearance of the alloy steel castings can be used to compare the sample block to determine the alloy steel surface roughness, the surface of the fine cracks can be colored, magnetic powder method is available.

2. The internal quality of alloy steel castings, available audio, ultrasound, eddy current, X-ray and γ-ray and other methods to check and determine whether available.

Alloy steel castings should ensure that during transport and storage without corrosion and no mechanical damage, should be accompanied by a certificate, the certificate should be marked with the drawings meet the drawings or the relevant technical standards and the requirements.

alloy steel castings

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