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Precision Centrifugal Copper Die Casting Products Water Pump Copper Tube/ Pipe

If you are willing to buy customized precision centrifugal copper die casting products water pump copper tube/ pipe manufacturers and suppliers in China, Wuxi Hongguang Precision Casting Factory is always at your service. Welcome to our factory customized water pump copper tubing.

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Product Details

Wuxi Hongguang Precision Casting Factory is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of customized precision centrifugal copper die casting products water pump copper tube/ pipe in China. Please rest assured to buy or custom the quality water pump copper tubing from our factory.

Basic Info
Model NO.: According to customer requirements
Head Code: Round
Surface: Pickling
Technics: Hydroform, Casting, Welding
Warranty: 1 Year
Place of Origin: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Suit Medium: Cold Water, Hot Water, Compressed Air, Gas, Oil Et
Specification: Length of 1.8 meters, diameter φ500 or so
Material: Stainless Steel 304, 316, Carbon Steel, Copper
Methods:Centrifugal casting
Application: for Water(Hot & Cold), Oil, Gas, Fuel, Steam etc.
Certification: ISO, SGS
Quality Control: 100% Airtight Inspection
Trademark: HGJM

Product Description

Precision Centrifugal Copper Die Casting Products Water Pump Copper Tube/ Pipe

The water pump needs to configure the corresponding pipe to play a role, and copper pipe is one of the commonly used water pump accessories, how the water pump copper  tube processing molding?
1. First with high-quality materials, under normal circumstances, the water pump pipe are used copper pipe, which makes it have good performance, such as anti-corrosion, wear and other properties to meet the different liquid transport.
2. The water pump copper tube processing methods are many, using more of the stamping method, forging method, roller processing, stretching and so on. Where the punching method is in the punch, with a tapered core to the pipe end to the needs of the scale and shape; and forging method is the use of related equipment, but also forging the brass tube or part of the end of the extension, so So that its outer diameter has been reduced, in line with the size of the pump requirements.
Through different ways, get the water pump copper tubing performance is by some difference, but must meet the basic requirements of the water pump, can be regarded as qualified water pump copper tube.

Processing  Methods
Machine Center
We have a state-of-the-art technology machine workshop includes various machinery viz. CNC, Lathe Machine, Slotting Machines, Center less Grinders, Milling Machines, Lapping Machines, SPM's, Drilling Machines, Etc. With all the required jig's and Fixtures developed according to requirements.
CNC Facility
We have adopted latest machinery which helps to produce well in quality products.
Grooving Profile
We have with rich grass root experience of its experts can produce many types of grooving profile.
Gear hobbing machine
We pressed with hob generating method processing straight teeth and helical teeth and herringbone gear tooth cylindrical gear and worm gear cutting machine tool, also machining worm gear, sprocket, etc.

We are capable of centrifugal casting of copper alloy shaft sleeve, bush and tube, and casting of copper alloy castings of tin bronze, aluminum bronze, lead brass and other grades. Our products have high density, resistance to pressure and leakage, uniform texture, smooth and bright surface, and can be used for category I products with high requirement for precision.

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